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We regularly expedite these 12 different course subjects, because they are the most popular with our clients, and crucial to meeting their needs, which may well be yours too!

We’ve mastered them inside-out, continue to improve on them, and serve them up like gourmet dishes, so they get brilliant results fast.

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Helping you to express yourself with Supreme Confidence.

There is a huge difference between being Assertive or Aggressive and many people get into difficulties because they don’t understand the difference.  If you want to positively stand tall and stand up for yourself forever, and without showing anger, be able to calmly respect the other person, come on our course and we will help you become brilliantly ASSERTIVE!  It’s the difference between being Assertive and Aggressive that really makes the difference to your success.

Click here for the full Agenda – Assertiveness at Work



Helping your mind to Achieve what your Mind can Conceive.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. You are the one who’ll decide where to go”. Dr Seuss. You may well leave this course shouting from the rafters and stride out with a new found confidence, and you will certainly have improved your chances for success. You will feel more self-assured and just itching to make the most of your remarkable abilities.

Click here for the full Agenda – Building your Self-Confidence



Helping you to use the resources you already have to effect Change and Achieve Great Outcomes.

Coaching is a practical and positive process, during which an individual gets inspired support, while learning to achieve a specific, professional or personal outcome for success. When you book into our impactive coaching we’ll help you to achieve that success, from knowing that you did your personal best to become the very best you are capable of becoming.  Find out – book it with confidence.

Click here for the full Agenda – Coaching Effectively



Helping you to add excellence to your Communicative Skills.

Communicating is not just about opening your mouth, especially when your tone of voice – a massive 38% of how you come across – can turn people either on or off you and only 7% impacts through the words you say. Most of our communication – an awesome 55% – is through body language.  We’ve researched these factors with many others and come up with a fabulous course, so we are talking Communicate Brilliantly in every sense of the words. Being a master at brilliant communication these days is essential, so come on the course and excel right away.

Click here for the full Agenda – Communicate Brilliantly



Helping you to get that cash in on time!  A Sale is not made until the Money is Paid.

It’s absolutely true that until you’re paid you haven’t made a sale – all that effort for nothing, so always and especially with new customers do checks, and get a clear agreement up front, about terms and conditions for payment.

Many years on we’re still astounded by the number of organisations that ignore these basic rules. On this course we will ensure that your people leave skilled, motivated and ready to bring the cash in, with numerous techniques and ideas.

Click here for the full Agenda – Credit Control



Helping you to Travel the Extra Mile to achieve it.

Our powerful, smile in the voice training and coaching day will put you up there in the elite squad, of best front-line customer service representatives anywhere.

We will show you how to breathe energy and invest enthusiasm into every ‘meet and greet’  with customers, help you to turn difficult customers into raving fans, and end the course with a real sense of personal fulfilment going forward.

Click here for the full Agenda – Customer Service & Excellent Care



Helping you to Brilliant, Powerful Principles to manage by.  

As a First Time Manager it’s vital that you make the transition positively and professionally from Team Member or Supervisor.

You need to focus strongly on building your abilities to manage yourself and super-lead your team. On this course we will pro-actively ensure you have the tools to take away to do just that.

 Click here for the full Agenda – First Time Manager



Helping you Plan and expedite a Bigger Picture for Success.

When you attend this course, you will come away highly motivated, ready to Lead by example and intrinsically responsible for your team.  Is this important?  YES because 50% of UK companies had leadership changes in a recent 12 month period, with some identifying a downside in business. Almost 19% said it had caused loss or slowed growth due to a lack of leadership and almost 32% said it had decreased morale at the company. (Source SHL).  This course will help you to develop premium leadership skills.

Click here for the full Agenda – Leadership & Team Building


Helping you to be at your best – Confident and Motivated.

It often seems to be the case these days that you can be asked to stand up and give a short presentation, or speak in public at some length – at the drop of a hat and anywhere.

And in doing so, and when you get it right, you can virtually write-up and target your future for success, and that’s why this inspirationally different course could be so important to you personally and right Now!!!

Click here for the full Agenda – Presentations & Public Speaking



Helping you Plan, Innovate and take Action for More Sales.

 What’s in it for you when you book us for training and coaching? If you want to refresh and enhance your current selling skills or build strongly on your expertise this course is for you.

It could be that you are part of the 48% who never follow-up with a prospect, or part of the 25% who make a second call then stop, or part of the 12% who make more than 3 contacts.  Or are you part of the 80% who make a sale because you contact a new prospect between 5 and 12 times?

Click here for the full Agenda – Selling for Success



Helping you to Communicate Positively and Professionally.

We make and take individually, perhaps tens of thousands of phone calls in a year, and Alexander Graham Bell must be turning in his grave at the loss of the royalties!

Unfortunately, we never get to hear how good, or worse, how bad we sound and come across. Well now you can, because part of this course will role-play some situations that will enable you to hear yourself perform – and usually much better and more professional than you thought.

Click here for the full Agenda – Telephone Techniques & Skills



Helping you to reorganise your whole life better.

We all get 168 hours a week but how profitably do we use them?  We can’t invent extra time, so we have to give what we have our very best shot and self-manage it and ourselves better.

This course will move mountains to help you successfully achieve more and free up much more “You time,” so stop procrastinating and book it… please.

Click here for the full Agenda – Time & Self Management


There is always something challenging and new to learn and indeed lessons learned to revisit, so welcome to our unique and brilliant courses.